OzU Robotics Laboratory is home to cutting-edge faculty research in robotics, ambitious engineering student designs for national and international robot competitions, and engaged learning for all students who like robots.

Our three faculty members Assoc. Prof. Erhan Öztop, Assist. Prof. Özkan Bebek, and Assist. Prof. Barkan Ugurlu lead TUBITAK and European Union funded research projects mainly in the fields of machine learning, medical robotics, and exoskeletons.


Medical Robotics

Robotic Assisted Beating Heart Surgery, Robotic System for Small Animal Biopsies

Control Topics, Heart Motion Prediction

Motion detection for efficient lighting systems

Cognitive Robotics

Cognitive Neuroscience, Biologically inspired robotics

Computational Modeling of Brain function

Humanoid Robotics

Balance Control, Dexterous manipulation, Exoskeleton Development

Mobile smart machines, Autonomous flight, Autonomous traversal


Location: Engineering Faculty    Room: 516

Date: July 8 - August 5, 2019

Number of Student: 2
Duration of Project: 4 weeks
Project Supervisor: Özkan Bebek

Cable Driven Parallel Robot
Students will be asked to develop a robotic system to carry cable suspended large loads in warehouse-like environments.

Farming Robot
Students will be asked to improve the farming robot of the lab. New software will be developed to increase the farming robot's production capacity while optimizing its energy and water use.

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