Date: June 27- July 31, 2020

Number of Students: 2
Project Supervisor: Dr.Barkan Uğurlu

Human-centered robotics, a branch of pHRI (physical Human-Robot Interaction), is considered to be a quite challenging work domain. In order to ensure that the robots could leave the well-controlled laboratory environment and be human companions, they should fulfill various design and control requirements. In this summer internship, the students will actively participate in research activities that play key roles in addressing these requirements. The application domain includes the following:

Intelligent sensor interfaces for our self-balancing exoskeleton built in-house at the laboratory

Mechanical design of a sensorized foot our self-balancing exoskeleton

Implementing machine learning techniques using a 7-DoF Panda manipulator

Developing mechanical interfaces for pHRI applications: Drilling, polishing, hammering

Pneumatic circuit design for a manipulator with artificial muscles

Upper limb exoskeleton development

OzU - X  Building  - B10

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