Number of Students: 2

Date: June, 22 - August, 14, 2020

Project Supervisor: Dr.Zeynep Başaran Bundur 

About the Project: Recently, digital manufacturing has been termed the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0). Implementation of digital manufacturing revolutionizes the construction industry with the potential of freeform architecture, less raw material consumption, reduced construction costs, and increased worker safety. Thus, for the last decade methods on digital manufacturing of mortar/concrete gained a significant interest compared to conventional concrete pumping.The goal of the project the studies is to develop a new fiber reinforced cement based composite material compatible with additive manufacturing. The newly developed mortar will be specially designed with improved rheology and thixotropy enabling additive manufacturing through extrusion. The results  the work will significantly contribute to the state-of-art andcontribute to the  one of the pioneering studies leading the technological advancement of additive manufacturing in construction.

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