About OZU Vibrations and Acoustics Laboratory

Mathematical modeling of dynamic systems has become an integral part of the design cycle. The ability to model and accurately predict the behavior of an existing design or a design concept allows the engineer to modify a products performance through design changes and controller development without having to run as many tests or build as many prototypes both of which can be expensive and time consuming.

One of the most important objective of the OZU Vibrations and Acoustics Laboratory is to grow virtual tool set in terms of capability that will enable efficiency and therefore eliminate prototype tools and reduce physical testing. The tools include state of the art computational (CAE) and testing (such as modal testing) software and hardware.

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Date: 27 June- 8 August , 2019

Number of Student: 3
Duration of Project: 6 weeks
Project Supervisor: Polat Şendur

The Rotordynamics Applications

The importance of development of analytical/numerical and experimental methods is getting more interest in many aero-engine rotordynamics applications. Such methods may provide many benefits such as lower stress, higher service life, reliable positioning, precise centering and strong loading capability in the design of rotordynamics systems. This project will focus on many aspects of rotordynamics systems including numerical and experimental methods at OZU Vibrations and Acoustics Lab. The project also includes development of rotorynamics software, which is capable of performing static, harmonic and transient analyses.

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