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Housed in the Faculty of Architecture and Design’s Communication Design Department, the OzU VR Lab aims to contribute to the fields of Virtual and Augmented reality by designing new applications, educating the next generation of researchers and supporting strong collaborations with industry.

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About Last Summer Project

In this 5-day intensive workshop, high school students obtained theoretical and practical trainings about VR discipline, softwares and hardwares, fundamentals of interactions and interfaces in virtual reality, navigation, object manipulation, and design of a 3D virtual reality environment.

In parallel with these trainings, the participants wrote interaction scenarios, designed and programmed a virtual reality game project divided into two design groups.  At the end of the training, participants who had the opportunity to experience and test the virtual reality games they developed, completed the process by getting participation certificates in the closing ceremony.

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Number of Student: 10 

Date: June 22-26, 2020
Duration of Project: 5 days
Project Supervisor: Bora Sezer 

The Virtual Reality design workshop will introduce its participants to Immersive virtual reality environments and also teach some practical skills regarding design ifor VR. With technology giants competing to provide the next big VR breakthrough VR is now a huge area of technology. It is becoming increasingly crucial for designers to know how to create VR experiences. Forming immersive experiences questions how well we are equipped to tackle this emerging field and requires new ways of thinking about design. This interdisciplinary workshop makes it possible for participants to gain basic knowledge regarding VR through topics such as, analyzing good examples of VR applications and hardware and software required to create VR environments.